Luis Quesada
Senior Engineering Manager
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SUMMARY 25+ years of coding experience, 10+ years of industry experience, and 6+ years of management experience.
Technical expertise in distributed systems and user-facing products, strategic vision, and can-do attitude.
I drive fast, impactful solutions, tackling complex problems with wide consensus and innovation.
SKILLS Languages: Spanish (Native), English (C2), German (B2), Swiss German (B1), and Esperanto (B1)
Systems: Architecture, performance, automation, monitoring, load balancing, capacity, and data integrity
Computer Languages: Go, Java, Python, TypeScript, PHP, shell script, and SQL
People: Organization design, career development, team health, coaching, presentation, and negotiation
EXPERIENCE Google YouTube Infrastructure, Software Engineering | 2022– now
Senior Engineering Manager (L7)
Improved the performance of high-throughput internal pipelines with hundreds of dependencies by
100x and the overall user-facing latency by 30x
Extended the power of expression of an internal system with generic solutions that cover new critical
user journeys with zero additional engineering investment
Google Cloud Artificial Intelligence, Site Reliability Engineering | 2018–2022
Engineering Manager (L5) Engineering Manager II (L6) Senior Engineering Manager (L7)
Redefined five production areas across >1k engineers: capacity management, monitoring, rollouts,
data integrity, and frameworks
Awards: 2x Tech Debt Buster, Perfy, Cloud Tech Impact, Core Tech Impact, and Google Tech Impact
Productionized three large Cloud Artificial Intelligence products, enabled the safe onboarding of
preview customers and the general availability launch
Google Datacenter Software, Site Reliability Engineering | 2017–2018
Technical Leader/Engineering Manager (L5)
Sped up efforts to revamp critical datacenter systems and landed them one year ahead of time
Google Apps Storage, Site Reliability Engineering | 2014–2017
Intern Software Engineer (L4) Senior Software Engineer (L5) Technical Leader (L5)
Developed capacity management models for products with >1B users and saved significant resources
Planned and executed time-critical deeply technical and risky operations with zero downtime
Awards: Feats of Engineering
Universidad de Granada, Spain Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence | 2010–2014
Fellow on University Teaching Training
Researched on model-based parsers and 3D motion tracking
Directed a Master Thesis on music-prototyping languages and obtained a Best Thesis award
STUDIES Master in Research, Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems University of Granada | 2009–2010
Finished thesis on lexical analyzers and parsers with ambiguity support
Average grade 9.3 out of 10
Bachelor of Science, Information Systems Engineering University of Granada | 2009–2010
Average grade 8.7 out of 10
First of class award
Master of Science, Computer Science University of Granada | 2007–2009
Finished thesis on Java bytecode-level similarity detection and obtained a Best Thesis Award
Average grade 9.2 out of 10
First of class award
National award to the academic excellence
Honorary diploma of the Technical School of Computer Engineering and Telecommunications
Bachelor of Science, Computer Systems Engineering University of Granada | 2004–2007
Average grade 8.7 out of 10
First of class award
PUBLICATIONS Team Management
Published a book chapter on managing team overload
Distributed Systems
Published a tech talk and an article on capacity management
Published a tech talk on Google’s production environment
Published a tech talk on the Paxos algorithm
Videogame Development
Developed a rogue-like videogame in JavaScript with no frameworks
Developed a web-based multiplayer videogame in PHP+MySQL, with 10K+ players in the ’00s
Developed a shooter videogame in C for the Game Boy Advance console
Developed a dungeon videogame prototype in Java with custom physics and graphic engines
Developed a physics engine and basic taxonomy in GameMaker
Developed a dungeon videogame prototype in Go with custom physics and inventory engines
Language Learning
Published three Spanish short story books for children
Published a dictionary across 5 languages
Music Production
Published an indie alt-rock album, one and two synth albums, and one and two piano albums